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Teen Counseling: What Works?

The best predictor of your teen's emotional well-being begins with your relationship with her or him. No matter what your situation, relationship is the place to begin. Regardless of what's happened up to now or your fears about what will happen tomorrow, relationship is always the place to begin.

Relationships of all kind inform adolescent development. This is the time of life when peers are often more important to a teenager than family. However, no matter how guarded or hardened a teenager may present herself/himself to be, all young people desire relationships with calm and confident adults from whom they can gain acceptance, understanding, guidance, and a sense of belonging. Moreover, the developing adolescent brain requires continued mentoring and modeling in how to build healthy relationships. This puts responsibility on adults to learn healthy models for teens to emulate even when adolescent behaviors are difficult.

modeling of behavior at all levels of interaction with young people acknowledges that teenagers are constantly monitoring their environment for cues toward behavior, safety, and knowledge. Adults need guidance that structures their interactions with teens to increase emotional connection and resiliency. Whatever course of action you undertake for the care of your child, please remember that behavior problems in teens are signs of unhappiness. The antidote for unhappiness is safety and kindness. Talk with your care providers about this so you can work together in creating an effective treatment for your daughter or son. Consider utilizing both individual and family counseling.

I first began counseling teenagers in 1988 and families in 1991. Since then I've seen just about everything there is to see. I know change for the better can happen. I wish the best for you and your family.

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